CoorsTek 9th
Street Project

Project Vision

The CoorsTek 9th Street Property has been owned by the Coors family since 1884. Rather than build more manufacturing facilities or selling to a new developer, the legacy of the Coors family and CoorsTek will continue on this property, enhancing this site and their presence in Golden for decades to come.

For decades, the site has been a mostly inaccessible superblock, with no through streets and no public access to the site or its buildings. Nearly the entire property is paved and without vegetation. The site’s manufacturing operations produce typical industrial impacts like noise, odor, truck traffic, and emissions. Supporting these operations are nearly 30 function-oriented buildings that are mostly large, bulky, and windowless.

The vision for this revitalization is to replace these industrial conditions with an dynamic new district that extends the experience of historic downtown across Clear Creek while being sure to not mimic or compete with it. The project will break the site up into typical Golden blocks to allow for pedestrian, bike, and car access. In addition to a new CoorsTek headquarters, a collection of both new and restored buildings will house office, residential (mixed-income), retail, community, and hospitality uses. Buildings will be designed and built over a number of years and by multiple architects.

Integral to the project will be an inviting public realm with a variety of public plazas, landscaped areas, water features, public art, and places to eat and drink. A huge number of new parking spaces will be built to accommodate people living and working on-site during the week and for downtown visitors to use on nights and weekends.

Unifying the entire project will be a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability and wellness. Taken all together, CoorsTek aspires to set a new bar for how private development is planned, designed, built, and operated in Golden and beyond.

To bring this vision to life, CoorsTek developed a set of guiding principles that will drive the revitalization of this property every step of the way.

Guiding Principles of the
CoorsTek 9th Street Property

Golden Community & Lifestyle

  • Uniquely and quintessentially “Golden”
  • An inviting place for locals first and foremost
  • Family friendly and fun
  • Accessible, inclusive and welcoming to all
  • Small-town urban and highly walkable
  • Natural extension and enhancement of Historic Downtown
  • Strongly linked to outdoor recreation – hiking, running, climbing, biking

Health & wellness

  • Connect to and restore nature across the site
  • Serious and meaningful environmental sustainability
  • Build community and connect to place
  • Grow and serve local and healthy food
  • Incorporate Biophilic design and Green Roofs
  • Multi-modal connectivity
  • Offer dramatic views of the city and landscape
  • Enhance connection to Clear Creek and local trails
  • Landing and launching for recreation experiences around Golden
  • Blur interior to exterior spaces
  • Celebrate the connection to water

Innovation & discovery

  • CoorsTek Headquarters at the center of a hub of innovation
  • High performance buildings and campus
  • Spaces and offerings to explore
  • An ecosystem of innovation for growth and development

History & legacy

  • Connected to the heritage of the site
  • Tied to the history of Golden and the region
  • Reflect the civic and business legacy of the Coors family
  • Restoration and adaptive reuse of key buildings
  • Celebrate opportunities for education and learning
  • A strong legacy of material experimentation and innovation

Craft & quality

  • Superb placemaking and landscape
  • Architectural excellence and civic quality
  • Customization and local materiality
  • Integrated public art
  • Geometry and proportion
  • Focus on craft and detail